Can Plastic Surgery Make You Look Younger?

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” –Mahatma Gandhi.

When you walk past a mirror, do you like what you see? For many people how, they feel, what they think and how they look aren’t working together. When there’s a disconnect between how you look and how you feel, such as when you feel younger than you look, each day can be a little drearier than normal. Nobody wants to go through each day looking more tired, wrinkled or older than they feel. This desire for preservation of youth Can Plastic Surgery Make You Look Younger?is what pushed Ponce de Leon to seek a fountain of youth. While explorers couldn’t find the fountain of youth in centuries past, at Tamy M. Faierman, MD, PA: Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we’ve found the surgical procedures that can help revive your youthful appearance. Can plastic surgery make you look younger? When you work with our surgeons, absolutely!

The biggest issue that people battle as they age is gravity. Factors such as age, genetics, lifestyle choices and body type can create excess or saggy skin and wrinkles. One area where this affects both men and women is in the abdomen, where slowing metabolisms, child birth and general wear can create an appearance that’s less than desired. Not to worry, our surgeons at Tamy M. Faierman, MD, PA: Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can help. With an abdominoplasty in Weston, also known as a tummy tuck, you can regain your youthful shape. This procedure can address excess skin, fat and muscles that need to be set back into proper placement. Best of all, with balanced diet, the results of a tummy tuck are long lasting.

Other procedures we offer focus on bringing improvements to the face. As we age, gravity can take its most apparent tolls on the face. Wrinkles, excessive fat deposits and muscle loss can create an exhausted appearance with sagging eyes that add years to your appearance. Instead of looking tired no matter how much you rest, why not explore your options for our blepharoplasty, aka eyelid surgery procedure? By lifting eyelids, blepharoplasty can awaken your entire face, often bringing the right amount of youthful appearance while still maintaining an overall natural look. If you’re interested in employing the latest techniques in cosmetic procedures to help revive youthful features, our team at Tamy M. Faierman, MD, PA: Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is here to help. To discover your personalized options for procedures and services, please call (954) 322-2742.