Dr. Faierman Featured in Who’s Who in Health Care

There are a lot of healthcare professionals in South Florida. What separates you and your company from others in your field? I use a mind, body and soul approach to beauty and wellness in my field of aesthetics and cosmetic plastic surgery. My approach to a person’s beauty is what I call “Beauty Wellness.” “My […]

Helping Patients Heal, A Holistic Approach to After Cosmetic Surgery

In medicine today, the concepts of a holistic practice and the credo of integrative medicine are growing rapidly in virtually all fields for physicians. As traditional medical practices pivot to include more complementary therapies, the question that becomes rather natural to ask in my specialty of medicine is:How does Plastic Surgery fit into a world […]

Reducción De Senos

Pechos excesivamente grandes pueden causar angustia tanto física como emocional en muchos pacientes. El dolor resultante que produce hace difícil que algunos pacientes realicen actividades físicas comunes y lleven una vida activa. Además de las dolencias físicas de la macromastia, la angustia emocional como resultado de tener senos grandes puede exacerbar la falta de autoestima […]


WHAT ARE TINCTURES & HERBAL REMEDIES? Herbal tinctures are liquid herbal extracts that provide a more effective herbal solution than capsules or powders because this form best preserves the active elements, assures potency and allows the herbs to enter the bloodstream faster. Each tincture is made from organic and sustainably-sourced botanicals from around the globe […]