Body Contouring Specialist in Weston, FL

Everyone has heard of facial contouring, the trick of creating highlights and shadows within the face to give the appearance of desired bone structure. But, did you know that you can use safe and effective surgical procedures to reshape your entire body? At Tamy M. Faierman, MD, PA, we understand that many people want to experience dramatic transformations from head to toe. Body Contouring in Weston is a technique used by many to address cosmetic issues such as loose skin, side effects of ageing, and excess fat. We understand that for the best body contouring results, the procedures must strive to create the most natural-looking transformations. For Liposuction Miami that brings major changes while still maintaining your natural beauty, we invite you to visit our comfortable facilities.

Body Contouring in Weston, FL is the process by which your surgeon makes many different changes within your appearance through multiple surgeries. At Tamy M. Faierman, MD, PA, we create your specific body contouring plan before your procedure, giving you peace of mind that we’re only performing the procedures you desire. We credit our focus on retaining natural beauty to the success of our treatments. We can incorporate many services into your body contouring in Weston, including:

Of course, during your contouring procedure, we focus on providing natural-looking results. When you opt for cosmetic procedures, you want to retain a natural appearance, and our Body Contouring Specialist Florida can help preserve your natural beauty, only improving the parts that you’d like changed. One of the most effective aspects of our body contouring procedures is our liposuction in Weston. Through Liposuction Fort Lauderdale, our surgeons are able to remove stubborn fat from many areas of the body including the stomach, legs, and arms. Combined with other aspects of body contouring, you’ll enjoy fully transformative treatments that bring you the results you’ve been seeking.

Body contouring is a popular procedure for those who have experienced dramatic weight loss that has resulted in excessive loose skin. At Tamy M. Faierman, MD, PA, all of our body contouring procedures are dedicated to recreating improved body shape trough a customized procedure. Because every patient is different, everybody contouring procedure will vary depending on patient-specific needs. To learn more about your specific options, please call (954) 322-2742 to schedule your consultation.