Are you searching for Liposuction in Miami?

Liposuction is the art of body contouring. An advantage of this surgery is the ease with which fat can be removed via suctioning. The surgery should be performed by an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon like Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Tamy M. Faierman.

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Faierman understands the desires and results her patients are looking for. When searching for doctors to perform liposuction in Miami, it is important to consider your doctor's approach to liposuction and all other surgery options as well. Female Plastic Surgeon Tamy M. Faierman has the skill and experience you are looking for.

Liposuction Candidates

Candidates for Liposuction procedures should be in good health and should be able to undergo these procedures safely. Dr. Faierman will also consider all precautions to ensure that all patients and clients are able to undergo these with safety and ease. These may provide a potentially permanent solution to excess and/or unwanted fat. We want our patients to understand all options available to them and through our Mind, Body, Beauty Model as well as through our Tamy M. Faierman's Holistic Spa and Wellness Center, we are dedicated to providing ongoing health and wellness support to our clients.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure for the removal of sections of stubborn fat. This surgery can be used on various parts of the body such as the chin, upper arms, chest, back, abdomen, waist, buttocks, hips, thighs, inner knee, and calves.

Liposuction can be combined with other procedures including tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and breast reduction. It is also a part of Mommy Makeovers procedures, among others. Dr. Tamy M. Faierman will be able to advise you further on other procedures and will spend time with each and every patient helping them to understand the options available. We use a Mind-Body-Beauty model for all our patients which helps clients stay on a path towards health and wellness both inside and out.

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