Mini Facelift with Fillers

It is possible to lift the face with just fillers. This is often referred to as a Liquid Facelift, a non-surgical means of rejuvenating a face. As we age, we lose fat from our face, especially under the eyes, in the cheeks, and in the pre-jowl regions. As these areas deflate, it makes the face […]

InWeston Spotlight On Dr. Tamy Faierman, The Only Female Plastic Surgeon in Weston

Tamy M. Faierman, Weston Plastic Surgeon. The only female plastic surgeon in Weston. What are some of the latest and greatest procedures you offer to help us “refresh” for spring?  Injectables (Botox/Dysport and fillers) are a fantastic way to refresh. Sometimes it even just takes a small amount with precision placement and that can make […]

The New, Modernized Mommy Makeover

Experiencing a pregnancy is a transforming, powerful event in a woman’s life. It can be a rewarding experience and nothing is as touching as holding your newborn baby for the first time. There has always been a cultural fascination with a woman’s body both pre and post baby and women have been turning to cosmetic […]

Kiss Stubborn Body Fat Goodbye with Liposuction

Tummy Tuck Weston - Abdominoplasty Weston

We know several people who won’t indulge in warm-weather activities. Soaking the sun, feeling the soft warm sand against their skin and enjoying the cool ocean water is something that they love, but choose not to do. The reason? Their excess body fat! People feel embarrassed and conscious in showing skin that has folds of […]