Tamy Faierman , the only female Plastic surgeon Weston

Tamy M. Faierman, Weston Plastic Surgeon. The only female plastic surgeon in Weston.

What are some of the latest and greatest procedures you offer to help us “refresh” for spring? 

Injectables (Botox/Dysport and fillers) are a fantastic way to refresh. Sometimes it even just takes a small amount with precision placement and that can make a world of difference. Lasers such as Infini Rx provide improved texture, reduced acne scarring and tightens the skin by stimulating collagen production. These treatments along with a regimented daily skincare routine with occasional peels can make a drastic difference in your overall look.

What would you say to someone who has been thinking for a long time about a procedure but is afraid to take the leap? 

I often have patients that feel this way. I like to remind them that if they have been thinking about a procedure for a while then it is clearly a priority in their subconscious and conscious mind. It is important to remember that body, emotion and mind are all connected. Aligning our outer body often helps reconnect us to ourselves.

What’s different about what you offer in terms of not just procedures but support and service to patients? 

In my medical practice, my overall philosophy is to treat patients holistically and help them achieve optimal wellness. It really just stems from my thinking that we should not treat everything with just medicine or medical procedures and that we can incorporate complementary, holistic and integrative approaches at the same time. Therefore, we offer holistic care by addressing a patient’s overall need, which can include acupuncture, postoperative massages, facials and skin care, nutritional support, hormonal support, a personal trainer and other modalities that support overall healing, health and well-being.

Do good nutrition and exercise go along with making plastic surgery successful in the long run? 

Nutrition and exercise are imperative to sustaining excellent long-term surgical results as well as overall longevity along with a healthy lifestyle. These go hand-in-hand. My recommendation is to begin to undergo a change into a healthier lifestyle as soon as one has the intention, preferably pre-operatively.

What is the motto the only female plastic surgeon in weston lives by?

Reclaim your body and yourself!