There are a lot of healthcare professionals in South Florida. What separates you and your company from others in your field?

I use a mind, body and soul approach to beauty and wellness in my field of aesthetics and cosmetic plastic surgery. My approach to a person’s beauty is what I call “Beauty Wellness.” “My philosophy is that beauty and wellness are deeply intertwined so our services to surgical and non-surgical proceduresreflect that. I consider these to be transformative, life-changing services that go beyond the scalpel. I want my patients to consider a whole-body approach to their beauty, one that includes their health and well-being, especially given our current times in a post-Covid world.

Now that it has been over a year since the beginning of COVID, are there any “new norms” in your practice?

Covid-19 has impacted our lives forever. In a post-Covid world, people have decided that they will approach their health, beauty and wellnessdifferently, including how they want to feel when they walk into a doctor’s office and what they expect of their Doctors, so we have made permanentchanges in our office. These changes are reflective in our services offered at my Holistic Spa and Wellness Center, as well as the physical environment.

What is a fun fact you would like our readers to know about you?

I have been writing poetry and drawing since my young years and I am working on a book about beauty and the art of living a beautiful life.

What was the most rewarding experience in your profession?

I have been fortunate to have many rewarding experiences in my profession, but one that sticks out is a pro bono surgery I did for a young woman from Africa. She was suffering from gigantomastia (extremely large breasts) and did not have the means to undergo surgery, nor did her country offer this surgery. She was suffering daily, her large breast contributed to severe neck and back pain. I was able to make arrangements for her to undergothe surgery with minimal cost to her. It was life-changing-lifting her self-esteem and supporting her in pursuing her studies in social work, so that shecould take her knowledge back to help her community in Africa.