Holistic Skincare

Holistic Skincare

The concept of holistic medicine has been around for hundreds of years. So why is it that just recently interest in holistic skincare products and practices is on the rise? The concept of holism goes back centuries to the earliest naturopathic physicians. The basic concept of holism is that the component parts of the body […]

Which Breast Implants Are the Safest?

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Considering breast augmentation Weston is a major decision that is likely to excite you. However, you may have many questions, and understandably want to understand the risks. Breast implants are an ideal way to achieve a fuller figure. But equally true is the fact that both silicone and saline implants comes with some degree of […]

The Beauty and Food Connection – Sip and Eat Your Way to Glowing Skin

It turns out our grandparents were right. You really are what you eat. Most often when I’m in a consult about laser and fillers, my conversation inevitably leads to skincare, diet, and nutrition. Why is this? Simply put, diet affects your skin. The wrong foods in your diet can damage your collagen, which results in […]

The Key to Aging Gracefully Over Time

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In today’s world, anti-aging awareness is on everyone’s mind. The big question I often get is when should I start working with a cosmetic surgeon to prevent future aging. My answer is always the same: the sooner your cosmetic surgeon gets to know you, the better. We all know that once the first signs of […]