The concept of holistic medicine has been around for hundreds of years. So why is it that just recently interest in holistic skincare products and practices is on the rise? The concept of holism goes back centuries to the earliest naturopathic physicians. The basic concept of holism is that the component parts of the body are interconnected and therefore one cannot understand individual parts of the body without understanding the needs and workings of the “whole body.” In a similar sense, the practice of holistic medicine actually consists of using a number of different health disciplines and health philosophies that go centuries back in medicine together in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Today, when we look at holistic medicine, we look at naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and nutrition all working together to promote well.ness and treat sickness. In the treatment of patients in a holistic medical practice, we look at the individuals’ physical, mental, spiritual and include natural skincare and thus consumers now want and look for holistic products and healing aesthetics and modalities.

Because of the growing popularity of integrative and holistic medical clinics throughout the world, the public’s increasing awareness and preferences are now moving to include alternative healthcare as a part of, and sometimes even as a replacement of, traditional medical care. In fact, holistic aestheticians understand that the mind and the body function as one unit. As a result, they are most often looking to treat the root cause of a skin condition rather than treat a symptom. So, for example, take someone with sensitive skin and acne. It is important to do critical scientific exploration to understand the cause and the effect of the condition. Is it caused by diet? The environment? Or is it a product of stress?

The holistic aesthetician typically has a broader training and understanding of anatomy, physiology, chemistry, products and ingredients from a functional and integrated standpoint and, therefore, they usually implement a therapeutic model of prevention and provide treatments that fundamentally do not alter the biological aspects of the skin. They are also very committed to the wellness for the whole client and are committed to a providing a complete program of lifestyle improvement and change as a part of treating the one condition that they may be addressing. Holistic skincare is not trendy and it is deeply connected to the sciences behind touch, healing, wellness and mindfulness and the mind-body-soul.

As a part of the holist theme, generally speaking, natural products are used as treatments as opposed to more “chemically” intensive treatments. Non-invasive procedures are also generally preferred. Some of these modalities include manual lymphatic drainage, ultrasonic microdermabrasion and LED therapy and acupuncture. Many patients find these therapies beneficial, typically affordable and yield great results that keep your skin glowing and radiant.

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