Beauty and Wellness Routine at Any Age

We all want to look beautiful and feel great, despite our age. All of us have various skin creams, hair products, and make-up that we use to maintain and often times enhance our beauty. But how well versed are we with the factors that play an internal role in how we age, look and feel?…
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Are your hands making you look older than you are?

When it comes to anti-aging routines, many of us think first of treatments for the face and neck. But what about the hands? For better or worse, no body part reveals your age more plainly than the skin on your hands. The cumulative effects of UV sun damage, hard work, and exposure to the elements…
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Non-surgical Solutions for Sagging Jowls, Jawline and Chin

As we age, so do the support structures of our skin. The loss of facial collagen decreases the skin’s elasticity, volume, and moisture-retaining qualities, bestowing upon us those telltale signs of maturing facial tissue—marionette lines, droopy jowls and a saggy chin or jaw. But here’s the good news: today there are a multitude of non-invasive…
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How to Minimize Bruising After Cosmetic Treatments

Whether you’re using dermal fillers, botox, or undergoing minimally invasive surgery — bruising can happen. For those who seek out cosmetic treatments to look their very best, bruising or discoloration after a procedure can be a nuisance. While some treatments are more likely to cause bruising than others (hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane…
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