Each year plastic surgery and aesthetic associations, as well as global wellness institutions, release new data trends. Plastic surgeons with active practices often see these trends developing ahead of the data. As a plastic surgeon for over 20 years and owner of a Holistic Spa and Wellness Center, I sit where plastic surgery, aesthetics and wellness all converge and see these changes occurring in real time.

With 2018 drawing to a close, here is a forecast of some of the trends that will gain momentum as the health and wellness paradigm shifts and evolves for the future.

Plastic Surgery Continues to Boom: New data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows continued growth in cosmetic procedures over last year. The statistics also reveal that Americans are turning to new and innovative ways to shape their bodies, especially as minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have increased nearly 200% since 2000.

Spike in Breast “Explants”: This is a new wave in plastic surgery. Even though breast augmentation remains one of the most performed cosmetic procedures, I have seen an increase in patients requesting explantation, or removal of their implants. From my own experience, there are many reasons for this new trend. Women today are becoming more fit and seeking better overall health and wellness, wanting their bodies to reflect that as well. Many have changed their lifestyles and their larger implants no longer fit with those changes and their new images of themselves. Also, some patients are getting older and have had implants for many years and have now decided they just don’t want them anymore, opting to either remove them and/or exchange them out with smaller implants and a breast lift.

Fat Transfer: Significant advancements have been made in surgical regenerative procedures including techniques to transfer fat tissue. Fat transfer, also known as fat grafting or autologous fat transfer, is the process of using the patient’s own fat to increase volume of another area of the body. The fat is harvested or extracted using a cannula and is then prepared for reintroduction into the body. This is considered a minimally invasive procedure and is deemed safe, and a good option for the right candidate who wants to use their own fat cells.

Clinical and Holistic Worlds Merge: There used to be a division between clean beauty and clinical beauty. While clean beauty is gaining massive support, so is the world of aesthetics, and women are becoming more willing to embrace both worlds. No longer does a patient have to choose between taking an organic or holistic approach and a visit to their dermatologist or plastic surgeon. You can eat organic foods, use organic products and get Botox and fillers because, increasingly, it is all acceptable.

Beauty and Wellness are One: Today’s definition of beauty is rapidly changing. Both beauty and wellness are deeply intertwined in our inner and outer emotions. Beauty consumers have enthusiastically embraced wellness, and therefore, wellness is the lens through which people now understand beauty. Many patients are now taking a 360-degree approach to staying youthful and are ready to embrace the latest non-invasive technologies and surgical approaches. Over the next few years, I expect to see all of these trends to continue to grow.

Dr. Tamy Faierman is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Writer, Beauty and Wellness Expert, and founder of the Tamy M. Faierman Holistic Spa and Wellness Center. Her office is located at 17130 Royal Palm Boulevard, Suite 1, in the Windmill Professional Campus. For more information, please call 954-322-2742 or visit www.reshapeyourimage.com.