We are fortunate to live in a time when nonsurgical options for facial rejuvenation have come to the forefront due to the huge advancements in product composition and modernized techniques. In past years, cosmetic injectables were often associated with over plumped cheeks and the infamous “duck lips” due to overuse and overfilling. As a result of these advancements, achieving natural results and making subtle tweakments that are widely undetectable has become easier than ever before. Below is a quick and informative guide so you can best understand how these newer, more modern and innovative products and techniques are used in today’s consciously aging world.

The New Generation of Fillers

The new generation of dermal fillers are designed for a more natural and seamless integration with the skin and create natural improvements in facial rejuvenation. Fillers, made from hyaluronic acid, fill in wrinkles therefore making the skin appear younger and rejuvenated. They also help maintain or restore hydration and volumize the tissues of the face. Bio-Stimulators, such as Sculptra, stimulate your skin to regrow its own natural collagen over time and work to replace volume lost and correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds resulting in a firmer, younger looking skin. All are minimally invasive and done in the office setting with virtually no downtime.

Botox and Filler Techniques Have Changed

Aging doesn’t occur in isolation, therefore aesthetic experts are now taking a global and three-dimensional approach to Botox and filler procedures by looking at the entirety of the face and neck, with an appreciation of its interconnectedness. It is no longer about just filling a line, but more so sculpting the face, often by injecting smaller amounts of product in a number of different areas. One of the key advantages of injectables is that they have the ability to lift and define. For example, often times filler is used to restore volume in temples and cheeks for overall rejuvenation. At the same time, Botox and Dysport are used in the neck area to counteract sagging jowls. More viscous hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane Lyft and Voluma can be injected to lift the cheeks and nasolabial folds, while at the same time, Botox or Dysport can minimize sagging neck muscles from pulling the face down, which helps refine the jawline and also raise a downward-turned smile.

Filler and Botox Are Designed for Today’s Lifestyle

Men and women today are busier than ever. Setting aside the couple of weeks that would be necessary for surgery and recovery time after a facelift is much more time intensive. Yet, nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures can be completed over a lunch break. Botox, Dysport, and dermal fillers take just a few minutes to administer, and the results that appear within just a few days are what I call “subtle-dramatic”. You look refreshed yet not overdone. Sculptra is administered over a few visits and works within a few weeks to months.

Being in the hands of an expert injector, along with improved formulations and techniques, has been a game changer when it comes to aging and making natural and subtle changes. With all of the wonderful products that allow for such customization, it is always important to seek an experienced Board Certifed Plastic Surgeon who has an artistic as well as scientific eye, and uses the most advanced products and devices available on the market and can provide you with the highest quality products and care.

Dr. Tamy M. Faierman is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, writer, beauty and wellness expert, and founder of the Tamy M. Faierman Holistic Spa and Wellness Center. Her office is located at 17130 Royal Palm Boulevard, Suite 1, in the Windmill Professional Campus. For more information, please call 954-322-2742 or visit www.reshapeyourimage.com.

Originally published in Our City Weston | April 2020