Valentine’s Day is typically a day that we honor and recognize the people we love in our lives, but it’s also important to focus on loving your.self. Starting with Valentine’s Day, why not make this the year about loving yourself?

According to author and healer Louise Hay, “It’s not selfish to love ourselves. It clears us so that we can love ourselves enough to love other people. We can really help the planet when we come from a space of great love and joy on an individual basis.”

As a practicing physician, I firmly believe that loving ourselves is essential for our overall well-being, happiness and success. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the designated day for love, here are four ways to practice self-love:

Nourish your body. Replenishing your body with real, whole nourishing foods, beverages, even herbal teas when needed, is a loving gesture. Show your body that it matters by providing the high-quality nutrients it needs to thrive. Even the smallest changes can make a difference.

Replace your skincare products with clean skincare and create a ritual. Our skin is our largest organ and how we care for it and treat it is vital for good health, both on the inside and out. Products that are free of parabens and synthetic ingredients are often more effective and safer for our health, especially long term. Plus, in my opinion, they create the most beautiful glow. Additionally, the daily ritual of taking care of our skin is healing and good for the mind, body and soul. After 15 years of dealing with skin I have learned one thing: love it, nurture it and protect it with clean product. Create a ritual; even if it is two to three minutes, it is celebration of your health and well-being.

Try Minimally Non-Invasive Skincare Treatments. Treatments such as LED Light Therapy, Ultrasonic, and Microcurrent treatments are affordable, healing to skin and non-invasive. They are designed to stimulate the skin’s natural regenerative process and bring renewal to the cellular level, unveiling a toned and youthful complexion with suppleness and radiance.

Use Cosmetic Surgery, Botox and Fillers.Cosmetic surgery procedures these days are safer, more efficient and yield better recovery than in years past. Whether it is a Mommy Makeover, a breast lift or augmentation, or even the smallest tweaks with fillers, it is a nice way to center on your own goals and take care of yourself thus becoming the best version of yourself. A personalized consultation with a cosmetic surgeon is a way to talk about who you are, what you want and what you hope to achieve in regard to your overall beauty, health and wellness.