Whether you’re using dermal fillers, botox, or undergoing minimally invasive surgery — bruising can happen. For those who seek out cosmetic treatments to look their very best, bruising or discoloration after a procedure can be a nuisance. While some treatments are more likely to cause bruising than others (hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane may be more likely to cause bruising than wrinkle reducers Botox or Dysport), there are steps you can take before and after a procedure to minimize post-
treatment side effects and help enhance your body’s natural ability to heal.

Avoid blood thinners: Many common dietary supplements are natural anticoagulants, thinning the blood and making you more prone to bruising. Use of fish oils, flax seed, omega-3s, garlic, ginger, ginkgo, ginseng and vitamin E supplements should be discontinued at least seven days before treatment.

Over the counter medications like aspirin and ibuprofen also have blood-thinning properties and should be stopped a week before and a day following your procedure. If you are on a prescription medication that thins the blood, do not discontinue use — but be aware that it may increase your risk for bruising after treatment.

Wine or other alcoholic beverages can also thin the blood and should be avoided 24 hours before treatment.

Use homeopathic Arnica Montana: For centuries the natural pain reducer Arnica Montana has been used to decrease swelling, bruising and discoloration. Available as a topical ointment or in tablet form, you can begin taking Arnica tablets the day before your treatment and continue using the tablets or the topical ointment for your first five days of recovery.

Add a Bromelain supplement: Bromelain is a powerful anti-inflammatory that occurs naturally in pineapple. Bromelain can be used to help mitigate inflammation and bruising and to speed the healing process after a cosmetic procedure. You can take bromelain for up to seven days following treatment.

Ask for ice: Using a cooling pack or other cooling method to numb treatment areas both before and after a procedure helps constrict blood vessels, reducing the likelihood of bruising.

Decrease swelling with lymphatic drainage: After a surgery, lymph may collect in affected tissues, causing swelling. Although lymphatic drainage is not typically necessary after the use of fillers or injectables, patients who have undergone a surgical facial or body contouring procedure — like an upper or lower eyelid surgery or a “mommy makeover” — might benefit from this type of massage, which helps remove retained lymph fluids.

Take it easy: For the first 48 hours following a cosmetic treatment, do your best to slow down. Refraining from strenuous activity and exercise will help minimize blood flow to impacted areas so they can repair themselves faster.

Although it may not be possible to keep the bruises completely at bay, a holistic approach to healing can help speed your recovery from cosmetic procedures naturally and effectively.

Dr. Tamy M. Faierman is a Board Certifed Plastic Surgeon and founder of the new Tamy M. Faierman Holistic Spa and Wellness Center. Her office is located at 17130 Royal Palm Boulevard, Suite 1, in the Windmill Professional Campus. For more information, please call her office at 954-322-2742 or visit www.reshapeyourimage.com.