Holistic Facial Weston

Go Beyond Skin Deep with our brand new Holistic Facial!

Radiant Skin is a reflection of health on the inside. Every face tells a story. Our holistic approach considers how skin imbalances like acne, premature aging or rosacea are influenced by more than what you put on your skin, including factors like your microbiome, diet and stress.

Skin personalities provide a more holistic look at skin health. Our holistic facial begins by identifying your Skin Personality. Centered on health and healing, our holistic facial is customized down to the last detail, encouraging renewal by rebuilding the foundations of wellness.

You will start your Journey relaxation by enjoying a cup of our organic Stress Herbal tea blend infused with our Oat Stress tincture and a bit of some of our favorite beauty foods, followed by a short-guided meditation in The Mindful Space.

Experience our Holistic Facial.

Our protocol is designed to suit the unique needs of each client, because we consider each person as a whole, in body, mind and spirit. Precise massage encourages the natural cleansing of skin’s tissues, beautifully re-contouring the face as fine lines are soothed and smoothed. This profoundly healing treatment brings clarity to the complexion and you will end with an unmistakably radiant glow. Lavish and whole, the results are long-lasting.

Your Holistic Facial will also include

LED Facial Rejuvenation and our Peppermint Hand or Foot Tension Relieve: A revitalizing massage treatment with stimulating Peppermint and Horse Chestnut balm to enhance circulation follow by a warm wrap infused with aromatic essential oils to hydrate and awaken the senses from head to toe.

You’ll receive a take-home gift-our Holistic Skincare Booklet, which you will use as a roadmap for your custom prescription of beauty foods, skin care, herbal remedies and well-being rituals to help you begin to achieve radiant skin from the inside out.

Please Call us at 954.322.2742 to book your appointment. P.S. Moms looking to refresh their look can also enjoy 25% off Botox and fillers through May 31, 2018.