With the holidays just around the corner, gift-giving is on everyone’s mind, which brings me to discuss the option of giving the gift of health.  Living in today’s hyper-stimulated world has people feeling rushed and stressed.  Perhaps even you too are feeling this and have begun to shift and invest in your own mind/body health in a way not considered before. If so, this holiday season may be a good time to consider adopting a health theme for your holiday shopping.

Gifting health during the holidays or any other time of the year can have a lasting impact on someone. In the field of cosmetic surgery, often times it is customary to have patients that will time a surgery, more costly procedure or series of treatments so that it is tied to a holiday or a birthday gift.  However, costly gifts are not always necessary when considering gifting health.  There are also small, meaningful ways to give the gift of health.  To help, I have put together some ideas that serve as enjoyable and thoughtful gifts, and that can be motivational nudges toward living a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, because the habits of your friends and family can often rub off on others, in some ways it’s like giving a gift to yourself as well!

Here are a few considerations when giving such a gift.

  1. The gift should always be easy to use and considerate of the person’s lifestyle, health history and of any health goals they have mentioned.
  2. Starting small can help start someone down the beginning of a healthier path. Examples could be a health session that the recipient has never tried but may benefit from like yoga, a mindfulness session, a massage therapy, facial or aromatherapy session.
  3. Healthy hostess gifts can be nice and fun. In this case, a gourmet health food item like dark chocolate or gift certificate to a healthy restaurant could be nice.
  4. Consider giving health supportive treatments or gifts for someone suffering from cancer or any other chronic health issue. In this case, an acupuncture or reiki session or a nutrition consult could be helpful. Books are also a great option and so is a healthy home cooked meal, which in this case, is also giving the gift of time.

Whatever the gift is, giving the gift of health sends the greater message of caring for the Mind, Body, and Soul and can mean the world to someone. Best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season!

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Dr. Tamy Faierman is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and founder of the new Tamy M. Faierman Holistic Spa and Wellness Center. Her office is located at 17130 Royal Palm Boulevard, Suite 1, in the Windmill Professional Campus. For more information or guidance on gifting health at Dr. Faierman’s office, please call her office at 954-322-2742 or visit www.reshapeyourimage.com.