What is the Genius Skincare Microneedling Breakthrough?

RadioFrequency (RF) micro needling treatment is a modern technology used for non-surgical skin tightening. With a frequency range of 0.1 to 5 MHz it uses an electrical current technology and micro needles to promote the development of collagen in the skin. What makes it so powerful, is the Genius is designed to use the skins natural ability to heal to strengthen, lift, and erase signs of aging.

Lutronic has received FDA clearance of the Lutronic Genius™ platform for radiofrequency microneedling. The genius is designed to transmit energy more precisely into the skin. 

How does Genius Microneedling RF work?

This energy slowly heats up the dermis and encourages collagen synthesis which makes collagen fibers sturdier and healthier. This reverses the visible effects of aging to a degree since aging makes collagen weaker (creating wrinkles and other imperfections).

The technology and interface make it even more effective and allows the operator to precisely define at what depth and how much energy to deliver to the skin.

The Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation

RadioFrequency works painlessly and without any downtime. It can change the appearance of skin often in as little as one visit. It also rejuvenates the skin keeping it smoother and tightened for longer. It rejuvenates skin, reduces the look of cellulite, helps stretch marks, removes fat, and improves the demeanor of wrinkles and fine lines.

Thermo-stimulation improves blood and lymph circulation. Blood vessels are widened under the influence of heat, which results in hyperemia and skin temperature increase. This process is accompanied by the acceleration of metabolic processes, formation of bioactive substances, improvement of regeneration processes, resorption of histolysis products, and opening of pores.

What Genius RF can do for you