What does it mean to be beautiful? In the two decades that I have been a board-certified plastic surgeon, I have seen our ideas about beauty undergo a great evolution. With Covid-19 our current reality, we have learned that people want to live happy, healthy lives filled with gratitude. We all want to feel beautiful and look our best, even during a pandemic. 

Today, cosmetic surgery is one of several powerful tools we have to help us age “consciously.” When talking to patients about their beauty and wellness goals, I ask them to consider more than cosmetic procedures – we talk about mindfulness practices, nutrition, exercise habits, sleep and stress reduction techniques.

This new beauty concept provides an opportunity for realignment so we can positively reconnect with our bodies moving toward what I call “whole-body beauty.” As we move away from disease-oriented medicine toward regeneration and wellness, we gain clearer understanding of the nuanced ways the mind and body communicate with one another. 

Wellness in this context helps us make conscious choices to lead healthy, happy lives. Whole-body beauty expands the conversation to include the many ways beauty and wellness are interconnected. More recently, a growing number of plastic surgeons have begun to adopt wellness services into their practices. Some, me included, have gone a step further to create integrative protocols and experiences for patients. 

Doctors are complementing cutting-edge surgical techniques with homeopathy, meditation, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, holistic facials and massage therapy – all within the environment of their medical office. 

Today’s marriage of plastic surgery with wellness-oriented medicine is a natural, logical evolution. So, whether this means treating aging skin to a blepharoplasty (eye lift), undergoing a mommy makeover, getting a holistic facial, changing your diet, starting a mindfulness practice, or all of the above, women and their doctors are striving for a new definition of beauty, that balances our inner and outer selves. Beauty-oriented wellness is here to stay.

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 Dr. Tamy M. Faierman is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, writer, beauty and wellness expert, and founder of the Tamy M. Faierman Holistic Spa and Wellness Center. Her office is located at 17130 Royal Palm Boulevard, Suite 1, in the Windmill Professional Campus. 

Originally published in Lifestyle Magazine  March 2021