Natural fat is actually a very good deterrent of aging skin. When we start the aging process, our fat deteriorates and leaves gaps in our layers of skin. This causes the aging signs of wrinkles and fine lines that do not go away. Restylane Lyft is the most effective solution. With this easily-applicable hyaluronic acid gel, you can add the youthful look of smooth facial features and full cheeks.

Restylane-L is just one of the products from the Restylane line, the first FDA-approved lip enhancement series of products. Restylane-L clear gel’s particular formula uses hyaluronic acid that that is compatible with your body because it is later naturally broken down. In fact your body already produces hyaluronic acid to provide a natural lubricant for your joints. This acid also retains water to for dehydration prevention which makes it so important in healthy, beautiful skin.

Who can use Restylane Lyft?

If you are over the age of 21, you’re a perfect candidate for Restylane® Lyft. It is recommended that patients start using small amounts of Restylane as soon as possible to postpone the aging process. Some common temporary side-effects can range anywhere from pain at the area of injection, or even bruising and itching. Side effects are not permanent and will be treated by our professional staff.

If you are severely allergic to some types of bacteria or its main ingredient, lidocaine, you should not use Restylane. Our educated team can help you determine if this procedure is right for your body.

Dr. Tamy Faierman is a board-certified plastic surgeon leading a team of professionals who are considered to be leading experts in applying facial fillers. Let us help you develop an individualized plan for your body’s needs. We work with you to use the least aggressive procedures for a natural, renewed look.

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