Juvederm® Ultra became FDA approved in June 2006. It is one of the most commonly injectable gels used in the industry because of its proven history in reducing fine lines and folds. Its active ingredients include hyaluronic acid to effectively reduce the signs of aging on the skin, especially around the nose and mouth areas.

Juvederm® Ultra uses hyaluronic acid to add natural layers of filling to smooth out problem areas. The acid is actually found naturally occurring in the human body as a lubricant for cells and joints. It is one of the main ingredients of youthful, healthy skin due to its natural effects of padding the facial features.

Juvederm has many uses besides diminishing aging effects. It can also be used as a face lift technique to counter drooping skin. Together with its contouring effects, this gel can help you look ten years younger.

Juvederm Ultra XC also uses lidocaine to minimize any discomfort with the injection. Because it has lidocaine it is not recommended for use in any patients with a lidocaine allergy.

Our experienced nurses will determine the best treatment process according to your specific skin type.  In order to effectively work with your particular skin type, we create a customized plan on your consultation to extend the life of your procedure. Thanks to Juvaderm’s cross-linked hyaluronic acid, its contents are slowly processed throughout the body. A proper Juvederm treatment can last up to twelve months.

Contact board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tamy Faierman, today to successfully rejuvenate your skin. Reduce the facial creases from your nose to the corners of your mouth.

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