Juvederm Ultra Plus contains more cross-linked molecules than Juvederm Ultra within its formula of active ingredients including hyaluronic acid.  This means the body will take longer to metabolize this naturally-occurring ingredient. The longer it takes to metabolize it, the longer the procedure will last. It is a worthy investment if you love your smooth skin as Juvederm Ultra Plus can withstand the body’s natural processes longer.

Juvederm Ultra Plus is also used to treat deeper fine lines because it adds even more volume to your renewed look. For those tough nasolabial folds within the skin that droop, Juvederm adds support by going deeper into the dermis.

The Juvederm Ultra Plus injection is inserted deep within the layers of fat which is ideal for facial shaping. It is injected with lidocaine to avoid any discomfort during the procedure. For precision, our experienced staff uses an ultrafine needle to target problem areas.

Juvederm Ultra Plus can sculpt layers of skin for immediate results. If you have more severe wrinkles or fine lines, this is treatment for you.

Some recommendations are to avoid this treatment if you are allergic to lidocaine. Also be aware of the most common side effects, which can result in temporary bumps and bruising as well as swelling and redness.

Let us help you rejuvenate your skin with our personal consultations where we develop your own custom treatment plan. We work with your body’s specific needs and address the areas you want to target. Our very own board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tamy Faierman, is considered to be a leading experts in applying facial fillers. Call us today to discuss your skin’s revitalization.

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