Breast Augmentation & Implants

Feel better about yourself with our breast enhancement services. We offer breast augmentation procedures in Weston including breast augmentation, breast reductions, breast lift and more.

Why Breast Enhancement Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery, also called augmentation mammoplasty is one of the most sought-after and frequently performed aesthetic surgery procedures. If your breasts are too small, lack the basic symmetry, lack fullness or a notable projection, breast augmentation can help you ‘refresh your image’. The surgery is also ideal to restore breast size and shape after pregnancy, a dramatic weight loss or breastfeeding.

Hundreds of women connect with a board certified plastic surgeon to increase or restore the size of their breasts, simply to own an aesthetically pleasing breast profile and boost their body image. Here are the top reasons to consider breast implant Miami surgery-

  • Fuller and perkier breasts improve confidence

  • The surgery will bestow you a well-proportioned figure

  • You will feel more youthful and enhance the body contour

  • Will let you cherish an improved self-esteem

  • Desire cosmetic improvement

  • Rebuild breasts after a Mastectomy


Tamy M. Faierman offers following procedures to help you achieve ideal feminine figure with natural-looking results-

Before you decide to receive a breast augmentation Weston surgery, have an open and honest discussion with Dr. Faierman; she will help you set realistic expectations and deliver the fuller, natural-looking breasts you desire. She will also educate you about potential risks and need for future procedures to make an informed decision. Call us now to schedule an appointment.


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